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Community Contributor Patron Membership


Join the community and help build the world’s largest global brands marketplace and connected social media hub.

By joining the community as a Contributor Patron you are supporting the growth of Actcentive community marketplaces.

Features of this membership give access to the following Community Area:

  • Activities
  •   Friends
  •   Groups
  •   Chat
  •   Forums
  • Questions & Answers
  •   Events
  • Brand Departments
  • Daily Coupons and Deals
  • Academy E-learning courses.
  • Country specific Business Vendor Store Marketplaces – where you can purchase local products and service.

Create a passive income by earning Actcentive Coins through a variety of activities:

  • Create content across 45 niche brand departments.
  • Create news and local affairs content in the Global News department.
  • Share content on 45 social media networks.
  • Review products.
  • Refer friend to join the community.
  • Convert your accumulated Actcentive Coins into cash once you have reached the rank of Entrepreneur.

Membership requires that you meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 13 years of age.
  • Have a validated bank account – which is required to cash in your Actcentive Coins.
Community Contributor Patron Membership
Community Contributor Patron Membership


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