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Actcentive.com is a new concept in social media platforms where community members actions are incentivized.
Enabling members to earn an active or passive income through community based activities.

Actcentive - Mission Statement

The ongoing aim of Actcentive.com is to become the world’s largest global brands marketplace and connected social media hub. A global online resource designed to eventually manage, enrich and guide all aspects of your personal, family, community or business activities.

Additionally, offering the general public access to the best of breed product and service, and the most comprehensive information and reviews available online.

Actcentive.com is a concept based on the principle that your online activities are incentivised by earning Actcentive Coins. Members can earn Actcentive Coins through a growing list of online opportunities and activities either performed on the platform and through social media.

Join millions of small, medium and enterprise sized businesses, entrepreneurs, authors and content creators from around the world on Actcentive.com. Whatever your situation there is a place for you, we would love you to share your ideas and skill and grow with us.

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Join the community and help build the worlds largest global brands marketplace and connected social media hub.

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Start your journey from apprentice to entrepreneur today while earning an active or passive income.

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